Thunder Valley Ranch

Welcome! Thunder Valley was founded in 1994 on our homestead of 57 acres with approximately 40 acres of pasture. Having a background in agriculture and a love for animals, we knew we didn't have enough land to grow commercial cattle in enough numbers to keep up the land and pay the bills. We knew we would need to run a purebred seed stock program - but what breed? I've never wanted to do the same thing as everyone, and because I had small children, the breed would have to be good natured and easy to handle. We looked around at the different breeds and after meeting with a gentleman named Carl Clifton, we decided Beefmaster was the breed for us. The Beefmaster breed is better than ever. We have bought what we believe is the best stock from all over the country and breeded through A.I. or our embryo program. Thunder Valley has great cattle that can perform all throughout the United States. Over the years, through hard work and God's help, we have produced many breed champions and cows that have made their mark on the Beefmaster breed. We have expanded our operations to include a commercial cow operation using our best Beefmaster bulls. My oldest son Justin now has a family of his own, and my daughter Kaitlin has graduated college, but still loves the farm and helps out as she can. My youngest son Austin is now twelve and is a lot of help. He and his older brother make a great team, and if they continue to work together as they have they will accomplish even greater things. We are truly blessed and we hope that our love for the land and cattle continue to allow us to produce some of the country's best cattle.

Thunder Valley Ranch

859 Erastus Church Rd.

Commerce, GA 30530

Phone: (706) 335-0022

Cell: (706) 296-3979

Owners Paul & Diane Hill